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Chlorine Products
Solutions' Super Pucks

Super Pucks
The best chlorine tablets in the industry! Contains no binders or fillers, 99% pure tri-chloro. Super Pucks 3" tablets are an effective stabilized chlorine disinfecting agent. This slow dissolving product releases sufficient chlorine to reduce the growth of harmful algae and micro-organisms in your pool.

Solutions' Steady Sticks

Steady Sticks
Turn your skimmer into an automatic chlorinator by using Steady Sticks directly in the skimmer. Place Steady Sticks in the unique Steady Bag (included with purchase) and drop directly in the skimmer. This keeps your chlorine rate constant and keeps pool problems down. Made with high density 99% pure tri-chloro.

Solutions' ClearOut Plus

Clear Out Plus
The best non-calcium pool shock on the market. Dissolves clear, with no cloudiness, helps maintain crystal clear water. Clear Out Plus is buffered to help maintain pH balance for a sparkling water quality. It is an easy and instant method for super-chlorination. Suitable for all pool surfaces.

Algicide Products
Solutions' Step 3 and Step 3 NF

Step 3 and Step 3NF Algae Inhibitor
Formulated to complement most swimming pool sanitizers. Effective against algae growth. Breaks the surface tension of the water to penetrate small crevices where algae is likely to form. Use NF (Non-Foaming) for pools with attached spas or water features.

Solutions' Back to Blue

Back to Blue L
Kills green, mustard, and black algae in 24 hours! No mixing or predissolving needed. Back to Blue L is highly effective, patented, non-staining algaecide that kills all types of algae in swimming pools over night. One quart bottle treats 20,000 gallons of pool water.

Solutions' Supercide Plus

Supercide Plus
Algae destroyer and stain remover! Kills black algae and will rid your pool of unsightly black algae spots. Supercide Plus also bleaches out organic stains on your pool floor and walls. Use on white plaster pools only. Use regular Supercide on colored plaster.

Solutions' Step 3 and Step 3 NF

Check out our complete line of water balance and conditioning products. We carry Equalizer 100 (Total Alkalinity Increaser),Equalizer 200 (pH Increaser), Equalizer 300 (Calcium Hardness Increaser), Suspend M&S (Stain and Scale Control), Sunshield (Chlorine Stabilizer) and Muriatic Acid. Make sure your pool chemistry is in balance with AquaChek Test Strips.

ProTector 28
Solutions' Step 3 and Step 3 NF

Protector 28 enhances water quality and increases chemical efficiency. Helps fight stubborn algae. Protector 28 works with chlorine, bromine and biguanide pools, reducing costly chemical consumption, reduces eye and skin irritation, and creates sparkling blue swimming pool water. Protector 28 has a long-lasting residual that is a one-time application, and only needs to be topped off once a year!


Experience the pleasures of chlorine-free swimming. With BAQUACIL, you'll enjoy all the fun your pool has to offer, with none of the harsh chlorine-related side effects. BAQUACIL's chemical structure makes it extremely stable, so BAQUACIL SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT is not affected by sunlight, temperature, or pH fluctuations. Self-Chem carries a full line of BAQUACIL products.

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